Anti-Bullying Policy

Park House English School aims to create an environment where students feel that they are able to report bullying incidents and where prompt decisive action will be taken. The safety of the student being bullied and the student reporting the bullying is paramount. The student will be informed of how the incident is being dealt with by... Read more >

Procedure For Concerns

Park House English School welcomes suggestions and comments from parents and takes seriously any concerns that are raised. We encourage parents to bring these to our attention as early as possible so that we have the opportunity to rectify a problem or explain the school’s position before a concern becomes more serious. Read more >


Park House English School believes that learning is a continuous process and while learning is not confined to a school building, it is the primary function of the school. The school must evolve a certain set of rules and regulations to guide its participants and to facilitate the performance of this function. These rules should reflect a balance between the responsibilities and rights of the student and the responsibilities and rights of the group. Read more >

Nut Allergy

Due to the increase in nut allergies reported to the school in the past several years, we have decided to put a nut policy in place. The school will be a Nut Aware Zone. Students will be instructed not to... Read more >

Head Lice

Head lice (pediculus) is a parasitic insect infection that is spread from human to human through direct contact. They are unable to jump or fly. The insects do not live on any animals other than humans. Head lice pose no serious threat and no transmission of disease is noted Read more >


At Park House English School we consider safeguarding as minimising the risk to the students, staff and school and promoting a happy and safe environment for all children to grow and flourish and staff to develop professionally. We are committed to... Read more >

Teaching & Learning

We aim to provide a school that it is a caring and kind place where students can learn academically, morally and socially. Emphasis is placed on guiding the students in the appropriate ways to behave and conduct themselves. They are encouraged to be kind, honest and... Read more >

Personal Social and Health Education

As part of the pastoral care programme and inclusive in much of the curriculum and many of our after school activities, PSHE is implicit in much of what we do at Park House English School. As a school we are committed to fostering an atmosphere of trust and respect and instilling in our students an ethos of understanding and... Read more >


The internet (includes website, social media, Office 365 platform etc.) is a valuable resource for education for the PHES community. It allows showcasing of work as well as enhancing student learning. However, the internet also contains an unregulated collection of resources and PHES cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information... Read more >

Health & Safety

Park House English School aims to take all reasonable steps to secure the health, safety and welfare of all persons using the premises: The Head shall be the focal point for day to day references on safety and give advice or indicate sources of advice and... Read more >


Our curriculum is all the activities organised to promote learning and personal growth and development. As a British school, we largely follow the National Curriculum of England as covered by Cambridge International Primary and supplemented... Read more >