Procedure For Concerns


Park House English School welcomes suggestions and comments from parents and takes seriously any concerns that are raised. We encourage parents to bring these to our attention as early as possible so that we have the opportunity to rectify a problem or explain the school’s position before a concern becomes more serious.

Concerns should normally, in the first instance, be raised with the teacher concerned by a note in the homework diary, letter, e mail, telephone call or meeting. If the parent is not satisfied with the response or if the nature of the concern is of a wider issue, or is sufficiently sensitive or serious, the parent should contact the Key Stage Leader, Year Leader or Head of Department who will then deal with the issue or be able to liaise with the relevant staff or put the parent in contact with the appropriate member of the Senior Management Team.

Parents may also contact a member of the Senior Management Team if the matter is of serious concern although the issue may still have to be referred back to and discussed with the appropriate members of staff.

We will endeavour to ensure that all parents feel that their concerns have been fully addressed and will aim resolve the matter immediately or in a reasonable time frame. This may be in the form of verbal or written communication.

Concerns will be treated in a confidential manner with knowledge of the concern being limited to the Senior Management Team, Key Stage Leaders and those directly involved.

If after the issue has been referred to the Headmaster and the parent is still not satisfied with the outcome, the parent may request that the issue be referred to the Director (member of the Board of Trustees and the owner’s representative). The Director may be able to offer a new approach to the issue which may satisfactorily conclude the matter or if the parent remains dissatisfied the Director will offer a meeting. If a meeting is requested, those involved will be: the Director, the Headmaster, the relevant member of staff (if deemed necessary), the parent.

Anonymous concerns will not be pursued.


If a student has a concern, they should be able to raise this with any member of staff with whom they feel comfortable. This will often be their Form Tutor or Class Teacher or Key Stage Leader. ???

Students may also raise general concerns via tutor group meetings and through the Student Council. The school is determined to ensure that all students know who they can approach with a problem and at the start of each year, the Form Tutor and Class Teacher will explain these procedures in a manner appropriate to their age.

Anonymous concerns will not be pursued.