School Fees


Enrolment Fees

Application Fee:
QR 230 per child

Assessment Fee:
QR 576 per child

Registration Fee:
QR 3,453 per child

Tuition Fees

The annual fees are to be paid in three instalments as follows:

1st September, 1st December and 1st March of each academic year.

Fees not paid by the 1st of the following month, 1st October, 1st January and 1st April will be given one further week to settle the account.

If an account is not settled within this week the child will be removed from the school roll and that place allocated to a child in the Waiting Pool and the MoE will be informed.

Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

YearLevelPer YearPer Instalment
Early Years 1 Nursery QR 22,934QR 7,645
Early Years 2 – Year 2Key Stage 1QR 31,651QR 10,550
Year 3 – Year 6Key Stage 2QR 31,651QR 10,550
Year 7 – Year 9Key Stage 3QR 37,684QR 12,561
Year 10 and Year 11Key Stage 4QR 41,711QR 13,904
Year 12 and Year 13Sixth Form QR 52,423QR 17,474

Consumables (book) Charge

Non-refundable and paid at the beginning of each school year. Books remain the property of the school.

Early yearsNursery and ReceptionQR 576 per child
Primary SchoolYear 1 to Year 6QR 921 per child
Secondary SchoolYear 7 to Year 13QR 1,727 per child

Advance Deposit

Advance deposit for Autumn Term 2018/2019. Non-refundable.

Advance deposit:
QR 2,302 per child

Current students: Due 31st March 2018
New students: Due as invoiced


Fees may be subject to change as and when advised by the MOE.