School Fees


Application Fee:QR 230 per child
Assessment Fee:QR 576 per child
Registration Fee:QR 3,453 per child


  • The annual fees are to be paid in three instalments as follows:

    1st September, 1st December and 1st March of each academic year.

 Per YearPer Installment
Early Years 1 (Nursery)QR 22,934QR 7,645
Early Years 2 - Year 2 (Key Stage 1)QR 31,651QR 10,550
Year 3 - Year 6 (Key Stage 2)QR 31,651QR 10,550
Year 7 - Year 9 (Key Stage 3)QR 37,684QR 12,561
Year 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4)QR 41,711QR 13,904
Year 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)QR 52,423QR 17,474
  • Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.


  • Non-refundable and paid at the beginning of each school year. Books remain the property of the school.
Early years ( Nursery and Reception)QR 576 per child
Primary School ( Year 1 to Year 6)QR 921 per child
Secondary School (Year 7 to year 13)QR 1,727 per child


  • Advance deposit for Autumn Term 2018/2019. Non-refundable.
Advance Deposit:QR 2,302 per child
Current Students: Due 31st March 2018
New Students: Due as invoiced
Fees may be subject to change as and when advised by the MOE.