Park House English School
Primary School

Site information:
The primary section of Park House School consists of 18 classrooms, an IT lab and a secure outdoor play area.
For ages 4 – 11
Secondary School

Site information:
The secondary section of Park House School consists of 8 classrooms, science labs, IT labs, common rooms and outdoor play areas.
For ages 11 – 18
Sixth Form

Site information:
A common room for the sixth form, with study areas and space separate to the rest of the school.
For ages 16 – 18
Early Years

Site information:
A peaceful and separated early years building houses 2 classrooms for nursery and 3 classrooms for our early years.
For ages 2 – 4
School Office

Site information:
The school office is open from 7am until 2pm.
Enquiries can be made during this time or for specific enquiries please contact us via the contact page.
Main hall

Site information:
From exams to end-of-year school plays, the main hall auditorium is a general use space.
New for a 2015 is a state-of-the-art audio-visual system and cinema.
Sports Hall

Site information:
An air-conditioned sports hall houses the school gymnasium, basketball courts, netball courts and changing rooms.

Site information:
Primary and secondary sides of the school have their own breakout areas with table tennis tables, hoops, hop skotches, a soft artificial grass area and access to the sports pitch.
Netball Court

Site information:
The netball court, used for matches and practices, used for PE lessons and by the extra-curricular netball club.
Sports Pitch

Site information:
The sports pitch was newly re-laid in Autumn 2015 with state of the art artificial grass.
Swimming Pool

Site information:
Outdoor swimming pool used all year round for PE lessons and our popular swimming club.
Art Block

Site information:
Home to the art department, and home to easels, water-colours, clay sculpting and craft materials.
Visitor / Parent Parking

Site information:
Parking bays against the school gates are for use by parents and visitors.
Staff Parking

Site information:
Staff parking is immediately inside the school gate.
House Boys' Residence

Site information:
The House Boys are responsible for maintenance and keeping things in order around the school.

Site information:
Visitors must provide ID on their way into the school.
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  • School Office
  • Main Hall
  • Sports Hall
  • Playground
  • Netball Court
  • Sports Pitch
  • Swimming Pool
  • Art Block
  • Visitor / Parent Parking
  • Staff Parking
  • House Boys' Residence
  • Security

School Tours

School tours are available from 16th October 2018. Tours will take place every Tuesday and will start at 9 am.  You can book a school tour by filling out the following contact form: