Park House offers an extensive array of after school programmes for both students of Park House and the greater Doha community.

The programmes are designed to:

  • build self confidence
  • encourage creativity
  • develop individual talents

Programmes include both paid and unpaid instruction in sports, science, art, technology and foreign languages.

Current activity programmes:

Paid Activities 2016-2017 delivered by Saracen Active

September 2016 - June 2017

Welcome to Park House activities delivered by Saracen Active. Please visit the Saracen Active website to register your child onto their preferred activity.

Further info & registration

Unpaid Primary Activities - Spring 2017

1 January 2017 - 29 April 2017
Dear Parents,  
Welcome to terms 2 and 3 unpaid activities page. Please register your children carefully as I can not move a child from one activity to another if you register them incorrectly.  
As term 3 is only 5 weeks long they will remain in their chosen activities until they finish in May next year. Please do not register out of year group.    
You must take note of the start and finish dates, and all dates that our activities will not be running, this is clearly shown in each activity. 

Further info & registration

Unpaid Secondary Activities - Spring 2017

1 January 2017 - 29 April 2017
Dear Parents/Students,  
When registering for any of the unpaid activities please select carefully as I am not able to move a student once an activity has been chosen.  
Take note of all the start, finish and break dates for each activity, this is clearly mentioned under each entry.  
There will be no new registration for term 3, this registration will be for both term 2 and term 3 activities as there will only be 5 weeks that they will run during term 3.   
Please note that some activities are - Invitation Only, if you are interested in one of these please approach the teacher and ask their permission. 

Further info & registration

Duke of Edinburgh Int' Awards- Registration Page

6 September 2015 - 15 June 2017
The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is a prestigious scheme designed to promote personal development in young people. The Award offer formal recognition to participants for their achievements in a number of areas and is widely recognized by universities and employers as a positive validation of that achievement. The impact of the award is that young people make positive changes to their lives, develop their skills and abilities, grow in confidence and enhance their social skill. Participants will - Develop a chosen skill over a number of months - Practice a physical activity on a regular basis - Volunteer their time in service to their community - To take part in this adventurous journey contact Mrs Allen or Mr Halliday. The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is open to pupils aged 14 and over, it requires a single fee per student per level they are achieving. This fee covers their official registration and license fee. The fee of QR700 per award level will be paid to Sue Paul in Reception.

Further info & registration