Towards the end of the first term some of our Secondary School students participated in the British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) Languages Championship 2022, that was held in partnership with Education Perfect.

Our Key Stage 3 students competed against other children from schools that are part of the BSME. The languages they competed in were French and Spanish.

Our Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Mrs Claire Barclay-Triniman, at Park House English School had this to say, “We came 13th as a school in all languages categories and 11th for the French category. Our top scorers in the competition are Gagana, Zainab, Caprice, Rehan, Chloe and Tanisha, who all earned gold awards which means they earned over 1000 points each (it takes approximately 3 hours to earn 1000 points). The total number of pupils taking part in all language categories of the competition was 6265 so these students have done a great job at representing our school!

Our top performing class was 8FrA who came 6th out of 657 classes that were entered in the French competition.”