COVID Safety Protocols

Since 1 September 2020, all schools within Qatar must comply with the COVID-19 safety measures as outlined by The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE). As a school, Park House has meticulously planned and put all the precautionary measures in place to make sure our community is as safe and secure as possible.

From 30 January 2022, the MoEHE requires that all students take a rapid antigen test at home in order to enter the school premises. The result of the rapid antigen test must be brought to school in the form of a declaration, signed by a parent or guardian. Tests can be carried out 48 hours or less before attendance, and the declaration form must be handed in upon arrival. The form can be downloaded here.


What do our classrooms look like?

As stipulated by the MoEHE, there shall be no more than 15 students per classroom. All classrooms are arranged to ensure that social distancing is maximised.

What are our cleaning routines?

Cleaning and disinfecting protocols happen at regular intervals every day, with a deep cleaning routine implemented at the end of the school day and over weekends. Hand sanitisers are available in every classroom and in all common areas.

What items can my child bring to school?

To ensure there is no sharing of equipment we will be asking parents to provide stationery. Students must only bring what is needed to school each day.

Will my child have break times?

Yes, all children will have a break time. However, as per MoEHE guidelines, these will be in classrooms and will be according to social distancing protocols

Will all children register with their classroom teacher every day?

Registration will be done with ALL children at 7.40: face to face for those in class and for those children at home it will be live online. The class teacher will have contact with the children and introduce the day.

How will the school keep my child safe whilst in school?

Students (Year 2 +), staff and visitors will be required to wear masks in common areas and classrooms. Regular hand washing or sanitising will be frequently encouraged. Students will not be permitted to gather in groups inside the school premises (including play areas). Collective activities such as assemblies and extra-curricular activities will take place online, where possible.