Former Students

Welcome to the Former Pupils section of the website. This section has been set up with two main purposes in mind:

Firstly, it is to enable former students of Park House English School to contact former friends with whom they have lost touch over the years and for us at school to see how our former pupils are doing.

Secondly, as we have over 60 nationalities in the school and many students attend universities across the globe, we thought it would be a useful resource for current students to access your knowledge about universities around the world.

If you sign up, your privacy is maintained as the email address will be hidden from anyone who visits the website. There is a form that is used to get in touch with someone, which will send them an email directly from the website. The person will then be able to select whether to reply or not.

We look forward to reading about how you are getting on and you never know, we may progress the site eventually to include all those embarrassing school photos!