Extra-Curricular Activities

Park House English School views extra-curricular activities as an integral part of the education of our students. We will offer a wide range of clubs that aim to introduce children to potential hobbies, develop skills in sports, provide language learning and inspire an interest in areas that perhaps they would not be exposed to through their day to day learning. Children from Year 2 upwards will be able to select from our extra-curricular clubs each term.
Park House English School is dedicated to offering our students a variety of extra-curricular activities that appeal to our students varying needs and wants. We are pleased to announce that Park House English School has agreed to a partnership with Evolution Sports, Qatar which will start in September 2018. Evolution Sports will be offering the following:

  • a comprehensive paid ECA programme from 2.45 p.m. onwards with a crèche facility for pupils waiting for these activities after school finishes;
  • a development programme in a variety of sports open to Park House pupils and the wider community in the evenings and weekends;
  • up to three-holiday camps per year on school premises during the school’s term breaks;
  • classes for adults.

Evolution Sports has developed a reputation for delivering a wide range of affordable extra-curricular activities that are both enjoyable and challenging for participants.

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