Going to university is a big step in a students’ life and can be quite a daunting prospect. Making choices which will have a major impact on their lives is stressful and without guidance and support, it is easy to see how the wrong choices could be made. We aim to support the students in school when making decisions about degree courses, countries to study in and the final choice of which universities to apply to.

As a parent, this is a stressful time as well and we hope that this booklet will give you some useful information and the tools to help support your son/daughter through this process so that they can go to university confident that they have made the right choices for themselves.




Useful Links:

  • Which University – Not sure what course to study? The subject guides reveal everything you need to know about studying different subjects at university, from typical entry requirements to career prospects.
  • Prospects – A great site to explore different job profiles and careers
  • A Level explorer – where can your A levels they take you? Explore this great tool
  • UCAS The Buzz Quiz – Find out what you are like and what you could do
  • Apprenticeships can be a good alternative to going straight to university. There are different types of apprenticeships and many employers will support an apprentice to complete their degree whilst being an apprentice. To find out more go to www.ucas.com