We really enjoy showing our students how much we value their achievements, both within the classroom and while pursuing an interest outside of school.

We are proud to share that one of our Year 4 students, Joanna, recently won a gold medal in a competition organised by EVO Sports and Clement Fencing Academy.

After fencing for a year, she took part in the under 9’s competition with over 15 children from across Doha, and from different fencing academies. Joanna successfully progressed through all the elimination rounds to end up on the podium as the champion! Joanna has become very passionate about fencing and shared this about her journey, “Before joining the fencing programme, I was unsure to start practising this kind of sport because I thought this sport is not popular and I thought there were no physical efforts required. However, after I joined the Clement Fencing Academy, I totally changed my mind. It requires high technique, huge physical effort and even more than this, you need to be fully focused during the game to succeed and avoid losing points. I came fifth in the first championship that I participated in. In the next competition, I came third after losing in the semi-final. However, I kept practising twice a week until I won the gold medal in the competition held in November 2022. It was a very challenging competition, and I can’t properly explain how happy I was when I won. Now, my dream is to be a Fencing Olympian representing my country and I know I can do this if I keep practising and learning from my mistakes. I recommend that my friends take up this sport, which I call the “royal sport”.”

We have another student who is also an award-winning fencer. One of our Year 3 students, Olivia, has enjoyed foil fencing at the Qatar Fencing Federation for the past two years.

She recently participated in an under 11 competition and achieved a bronze medal for her excellent performance. Olivia said, “My big sister, Emília, inspired me to begin fencing because she won many medals. I also had a fantastic coach who also spoke Hungarian! I enjoy the training because, at the end of the training, we play games. I can also win lots of medals with lots of practice because practice makes perfect!”

We are so proud of what you have accomplished Joanna and Olivia. Congratulations to both of you! You are both great role models for all of us.