Pride, Hardworking, Enthusiasm, Success

Our Mission

To challenge our pupils to be proud, be hardworking, be enthusiastic and achieve success in a happy, caring and respectful environment.

Our Vision

To develop confidence, independence, resilience and a love for learning.


At Park House English School, we take PRiDE in all aspects of our learning and development: PRiDE in our studies, PRiDE in our behaviour, PRiDE in our uniform, PRiDE in our environment, PRiDE in our relationships with others and PRiDE in our school.

What does PRiDE stand for?

PERSEVERANCE: Being resilient, even when faced with difficult or challenging circumstances.

RESPONSIBILITY: Taking responsibility for my learning, my attitude, my progress and my behaviour. Becoming a global citizen and being kind, caring and respectful in all I do.

INDEPENDENCE: Becoming a confident and independent learner. Always giving my best and taking ownership for overcoming my own difficulties and challenges.

DEDICATION: Knowing that developing knowledge, skills and understanding requires determination, effort and commitment to be truly successful.

ENGAGEMENT: Having enthusiasm, passion and a love for learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.


Promoting PRiDE to Empower, Unite & Thrive:

Park House Global Citizens Embrace Diversity and Shape the Future

Global citizens at Park House embrace cultural diversity, foster equality, and prepare for future challenges with open-mindedness and respect. Our PRiDE values: Perseverance, Responsibility, Independence, Dedication, and Engagement guide us beyond academics to develop skills that enable us to thrive in an interconnected world. As well-rounded individuals, we understand our impact, promote justice, and take responsibility for a sustainable future and shared environment.