Welcome to Park House’s Sixth Form in Doha. We are delighted that you are considering Sixth Form at Park House English School for the next stage of your education.

The steps taken during the Sixth Form years are some of the most exciting and inspiring of a student’s life. Here at Park House English School, we seek to provide our students with an unforgettable experience, one in which they are provided with stimulating and focused teaching to enable them to flourish both academically and personally.

Through high expectations, individual support and extensive enrichment opportunities, Park House students are encouraged to make mature, informed choices in their learning and are motivated to realise their aspirations.


Small class sizes allow for personalised teaching and careful monitoring of academic progress, providing every student with the respect and support they need as an individual. Additionally, students embark upon a varied enrichment programme and can opt to partake in the wide assortment of excellent co-curricular activities we offer here at Park House. Whatever their strength, passion or wish, we provide opportunities that allow students to fulfil their potential through an enjoyable, fun and high-quality experience.

Our Sixth Form Centre provides a modern, university ‘feel’ environment where students can enjoy their own private space and facilities. The independence exercised in higher education or in the workplace can be a daunting prospect for some students.

Therefore, we provide a social atmosphere that supports this setting within a school context, enabling students to develop their academic maturity and feel prepared for their future career paths.

Additional support is also provided through the Sixth Form tutor team, our experienced careers advisor and a number of initiatives within the academic calendar that guide the successful process of university and workplace applications.


We are completely committed to providing a stimulating academic environment that is concentrated on the needs of every single student at Park House. Our Sixth Form is much more than a place to gain qualifications; it is a bridge to future success, built upon solid academic foundations and the personal care and development of every individual who enters our doors.

Our curriculum aims to develop all of our students as a whole person, armed with the transferable skills and qualities to achieve their personal and career goals.

Sam Corrigan

Key Stage 5 Progress Leader