Park House held its annual student awards ceremony on Sunday 16th of June in “The Heather Brennan” Auditorium. The awards acknowledge the tremendous achievements of the students across the whole spectrum of education in the school. The awards recognise that this pursuit of excellence is not confined to academic success but encompasses the entire range of activities that make for a rounded and balanced education.

Mr James Moyes (Head of Secondary) welcomed the large attendance, which included special guests, teachers, parents, and most importantly, the students themselves. Mr Moyes said “Awards Day for all of us in Park House is one of the major highlights in the school calendar and I want to congratulate all the students whom you will see here today as they receive their certificates and awards. I say well done to you all, we are really proud of your achievements and wish you continued success in the years ahead both in school and outside of it as well. The range of awards that will be presented reflects all aspects of school life and represents our mission of offering our students an exceptional education in a caring environment”.

The students were presented with their formal certificates by Mr John Smith (Principal), Mr Brian Allen (Head of Primary) and Mr James Moyes (Head of Secondary). The teacher body considered several criteria when deciding on winners from setting a good example to younger pupils, applied themselves to every task, have a sense of responsibility, demonstrated hard work and positive attitude and finally academic excellence. Congratulations to Seo-Hee Hong who received the student of the year award.

Student Awards Gallery