As one of the oldest and most celebrated British schools in Doha, Park House English School is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year.

To mark this significant milestone in our school’s history, we began our 30th Anniversary celebrations with an entertaining and heart-warming event in our Heather Brennan Auditorium. The awe-inspiring theatrical production of Ali Baba and the 30 Thieves not only commemorated our school’s three decades of academic excellence but also showcased the remarkable talent and dedication of our students.

The production was a collaborative effort between students from both the secondary and primary schools and the culmination of five months of intense rehearsals and meticulous planning. From the intricate set designs and costumes to the captivating performances, every aspect of the production reflected the hard work and creativity of the students and staff involved. From the moment we entered the school’s front gate, the audience was transported into a bustling Arabian marketplace and as the curtains opened, we were drawn into the enchanting world of wonder and intrigue. The cast and choir delivered stellar performances that left the audience spellbound, and each student brought their character to life with passion and conviction.

We are extremely grateful to the dedicated team of teachers and staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the success of the production. From coordinating rehearsals to designing costumes and props, their efforts were instrumental in bringing this spectacular event to fruition.

For the students involved, the production was not only an opportunity to showcase their talents but also a valuable learning experience where they gained skills in teamwork, time management, and creative expression. One of the primary school cast members commented, “It’s the funnest thing I’ve ever done in school!’ and added, “It has been a pleasure to practise with so many talented people in this school, who I didn’t know before this production. Thank you so much to all the teachers and helpers who helped make this dream come true!”.

A secondary school cast member said, “It has been a wonderful, memorable and joyful experience that has allowed me to make a number of new friends from different year groups.”

The standing ovations received on both evenings were well-deserved acknowledgements of the outstanding performances delivered. The first celebratory event for the 30th anniversary of Park House English School was a resounding success, and we look forward to more exciting experiences.