The Secondary School curriculum at Park House English School is a planned three-year programme based on the National Curriculum of England. Key Stage 3 comprises three-year groups: Year 7 (ages 11-12), Year 8 (ages 12-13) and Year 9 (ages 13-14).

Park House English School follows an adapted National Curriculum for England in Secondary School. This allows our students to identify their interests and discover where their talent lies.  The journey through secondary school is a critical stage of development in every child’s life and this is the reason our emphasis is on every student experiencing high-quality learning. This is central to everything we do in and out of the classroom. We encourage all our students to play a full and active part in school life, and there is a plethora of extra-curricular activities available to them each year.

Our incredible teaching team covers a broad range of subject areas including Humanities, Arts and Sciences, Physical Education, Languages and Digital Learning. Our teachers utilise modern technology to ensure that a holistic approach is used in the classroom, and at home, for all our students.


When students arrive at Park House English School, they are placed in a form group and a house. They will remain in that house for the duration of their time at the school. The form tutor has a key role in building a strong relationship with students in their form group and will guide each student effectively through Key Stage Three.

Students are set in Mathematics in Year 7 dependent on ability level and will progress through the curriculum, preparing them for their IGSCE work which they will begin in Year 9. In Science, students are introduced to all three Sciences – Biology, Physics and Chemistry. In English, students are taught a wide variety of literary texts, as well as language and writing skills; they are only put into sets for English in Year 9. In Year 7 and 8, students learn a broad range of new skills which will prepare them for the introduction to IGCSEs which begins in Year 9.

Students are cared for by our incredible pastoral team. During Key Stage 3 students will be guided by a progress leader. The progress leaders drive the Park House PRIDE system, where we encourage Perseverance, Responsibility, Independence, Dedication and Engagement.


Students can earn house points for following the PRIDE system in all areas of their school life. The progress leaders ensure that students are regularly monitored, and progress is tracked throughout the year so that a smooth transition can occur at the start of the next academic year.

Please click here to read our handbook that aims to provide parents and students with some essential information about Key Stage 3.


At Key Stage 3, the curriculum builds on the learning experiences that pupils bring from primary school. Pupils now attend classes in different subjects, and teachers typically teach specific subjects to pupils across the different Years.

Eleanor Barker

Key Stage 3 Progress Leader