Park House English School views extra-curricular activities as an integral part of the holistic education of our students.

We offer a wide range of clubs that aim to introduce children to potential hobbies, develop sport interests, provide language learning, and inspire an interest in areas that perhaps they would not be exposed to through the normal curriculum.

We are pleased to announce that Park House English School has established partnerships with each of the following organisations:

  • Evolution Sports
  • H2O Swimming
  • Rebel Angels Sports Academy
  • BE Sports
  • Karate Lions

Click here to download our Park House ECA and ASA booklet with further information and timetables.

Evolution Sports

Evolution Sports creates life-changing experiences for all their community members, sharing a love of sport with people of all ages and abilities. Evo are here to make sport fun providing activities and coaching for everyone, from the casual enthusiast to helping young people shape professional careers. They provide a wide range of initiatives and activities to enable everyone to be part of the Evo adventure!

Evo are proud to have an incredible team of professional coaches, who provide soccer, swimming, basketball, netball, fencing, archery and fitness training at every level for all the family.

For further information or to sign up for Evo’s programmes, please visit www.evosportsqatar.com or contact them on info@evosportsqatar.com or +974 4 407 6772.

H2O Swimming

H2O Swimming specialises in water-based fitness and wellness programs. They offer a full range of programmes for all ages and levels from learning to swim and adult programs to competitive squads. For further information, please visit their website, www.h2oswimclub.com, or contact them at info@h2oswimclub.com or +974 5 564 1475.

Rebel Angels Sports Academy

Rebel Angels Sports Academy offers your child the best and most fun classes for Gymnastics, Cheerleading or Parkour training in Doha. Please visit www.rebelangels.qa for the schedules and to register online to secure your child’s place. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!