Key Stage 4 covers years 10 and 11. It marks an important time in a student’s education. At Park House, we help our students make the academic choices and prepare for the exams that will give them access to top universities and other future goals.

Park House English School follows the National Curriculum for England in the secondary school and at Key stage 4 pupils enter the first period of official exams: IGCSE or International General Certificates of secondary education. IGCSEs are a key part of the National curriculum and provide students with official qualifications at level 2 and 3. This is the first opportunity our students have to really select and tailor their own curriculum strengths and their interests fusing these with core skills and knowledge required in the future.

In line with the British curriculum followed it is expected that students between the ages of 14-16 years follow a 2 year course of study and gain qualifications in a minimum of 8 subject areas. These subjects are made of two strands: core subjects and options subjects.

Core subjects:

It is expected that all students undertake Maths, English (first language) and at least 2 IGCSEs in Science.

Optional subjects:

Students will then be expected to select 4 options subjects. The options process begins in Year 9 for all options subject to begin at the start of the academic year in Year 10. Our enthusiastic and talented teaching team cover a broad range of subject areas including humanities, arts and sciences, physical education, languages and digital learning, providing opportunities to experience subjects that are not covered prior to Year 10 such as Economics, Sociology, Business studies and Drama.

Why study IGCSEs?

IGCSEs are precursors to further study and employment and can show case an individual’s strengths and areas of interest. They are needs as entry requirements for post 16 study or further training.

How are they assessed?

Recently the British government overhauled the grading system so GCSEs and IGCSEs are now awarded on a 1-9 scale. Grades 1-3 are considered level 1 and grades 4 and above considered level 2 qualifications. Level 2 qualifications are an entry requirement for level 3 courses which include A levels. Students are currently set for English and Maths at Key stage 4 with all other subjects taught in mixed ability groups. All candidates are provided with an opportunity to experience both routes of the science options available as IGCSE sciences begin in Year 9. In addition, all Y10 students will begin English literature IGCSE.

The pastoral team at Key stage 4 is lead by Mrs Jaime Legg

Students can earn house points for following the PRIDE system in all areas of their school life. The progress leaders ensure that students are regularly monitored, and progress is tracked throughout the year so that a smooth transition can occur at the start of the next academic year.

The IGCSE exams offered at Park House are slightly amended from the versions taken by students in the U.K.; they are slightly changed to better reflect the varied backgrounds of students at international high schools.

Jaime Legg

Head of Key Stage 4