Amazing Learning is central to everything we do. We nurture the best learning environment for your child, so that your child feels safe, valued and happy, to ensure they make as much progress as possible.

At Park House, we want all our children and students to experience amazing learning. To a degree, of course, all children and students get better. It’s because they are growing older, developing and having more experiences. For all children and students, learning of some kind is always happening wherever they are.

Because this kind of learning is inevitable, it isn’t something which schools can and should be judged on. Schools have to do better than ‘what happens naturally’.

What ‘better than that’ looks like is often called ‘added value’. This means that good schools are able to show that they have had a real impact on their children and students. What they have learned can be related directly to things the school has done and the ways it has provided support.

Added value is a challenge we accept. We want our children, students and families to be able to say, “It is because I have been at an ISP school that I have done better than I thought I would.” Or, as one of our students in Mexico said in 2017, “I owe everything I am to this school.”

However, even that isn’t enough for Park House. We want more than that. We want all our children and students to experience amazing learning.


Amazing learning happens when our students simply surprise themselves – and their parents and teachers, too – with the levels of learning they have reached. They have improved to a level beyond what they thought was remotely possible.

Park House English School embraces the individuality of every student. We support learning through a robust, student-focused curriculum, and enriching after-school programmes.

Park House focuses relentlessly on each child’s ability to amaze. Whether through mentoring, enrichment or personalised study, we recognise and nurture each student’s gifts and talents so that they amaze themselves and inspire others.