School Policies


At Park House English School we consider safeguarding as minimising the risk to the students, staff and school and promoting a happy and safe environment for all children to grow and flourish and staff to develop professionally. We are committed to… Read more >

ANTI-BULLYING POLICY Park House English School aims to create an environment where students feel that they are able to report bullying incidents and where prompt decisive action will be taken. The safety of the student being bullied and the student reporting the bullying is paramount. The student will be informed of how the incident is being dealt with by… Read more >

NUT ALLERGY POLICY Due to the increase in nut allergies reported to the school in the past several years, we have decided to put a nut policy in place. The school will be a Nut Aware Zone. Students will be instructed not to… Read more >

The internet (includes website, social media, Office 365 platform etc.) is a valuable resource for education for the PHES community. It allows showcasing of work as well as enhancing student learning. However, the internet also contains an unregulated collection of resources and PHES cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information… Read more >


  • Please see the school website for the Ministry of Education (MoE) approved school fees.
  • The Application Fee is charged on selection to be considered for a place in the waiting pool
    and is non – refundable.
  • The Registration Fee is charged on entry to the school and is non-refundable.
  • Test Fees are only charged on sitting a test and are non-refundable.
  • The annual school fees are to be paid in three instalments as follows: 18th August, 1st December and 31st March of each academic year… Read more >

The aim of the Park House English School (PHES) uniform policy is to ensure that students attend school in the correct uniform at all times… Read more >

Regular and punctual school attendance is important. Pupils need to attend school regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available at Park House English School… Read more >

The aim of the Park House English School (PHES) behaviour policy is to assist teachers to teach, not to constrict them; to
enable learners to learn, not to oppress them, and to achieve an atmosphere of structure, order and calm allowing
‘behaviour for learning’…. Read more >

The Park House English School (PHES) homework policy is to outline to students, parents/carers and school staff the expectations for homework and at home learning… Read more >