​We are proud to be able to report a record year of A-level and IGCSE results after a round of challenging examinations for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Our A-Level students achieved a 100% pass rate with over 45% of students achieving A* and A grades. For IGCSE, 57% of all grades achieved by students were 9-7, with 43% of students achieving an average of grade 7 and above in all their exams.

Our Principal, Mr Smith, said: “We are extremely proud of the outstanding set of results achieved by our students. These are well above the results received in the last face-to-face exams in 2019. Worldwide trends are suggesting that top grades have fallen this year, yet our students received grades that are as good or even better than the teacher-assessed grades from 2021 and 2020. These results are amongst the highest ever received by Park House students, who have truly demonstrated our core values of perseverance, responsibility, independence, dedication and engagement after a challenging few years. We offer congratulations to our students, teachers and parents on these amazing results.”

As shown in the tables below, our student performance over the last few years has been exceptional. We continue to achieve results higher than the average in England and amongst the best in Qatar and the world.

Student Examination Results

Our ambitious, imaginative, and cutting-edge curriculum supports the all-round development of high-achieving students who go on to be successful individuals. We strive to fully prepare and empower our students to succeed in the dynamic world which awaits them and therefore share in our students’ delight and success at being accepted at their universities of choice around the globe. Please view the list and graphics below to see where some of our alumni are for the next step in their educational journey and their final degree majors.

Although we will never disregard our students’ conscientiousness and diligence in achieving these outstanding results, we also commend the hard work our passionate teachers consistently put in to nurture each student’s gifts and talents. Through our high-quality learning framework, individual student support, extensive enrichment opportunities, a wide choice of subjects and exceptional resources, we are confident that these high standards will not only be maintained but constantly improved. Our holistic approach is why we continue to be one of the most successful and prestigious international schools in Qatar.