The International Schools Partnership (ISP) has announced the recipients of the first Federico Olivie Fund awards, and we are proud to share that three Park House staff members are part of the group of seven accomplished recipients who have received the award this year.

Congratulations to Jaime Legg, our Head of Key Stage 4, Michael MacDonald, our Head of Key Stage 3, and Nicole Reyes, our Data Analyst, who are looking forward to being able to enhance their learning and skills by using the fund.

Frederico Olivie Fund
Frederico Olivie Fund
Frederico Olivie Fund

When asked what this recognition means to her, Mrs Legg said, “I am truly honoured to have received this grant. This is making my professional dreams come true and providing me with an opportunity to learn and grow myself in order to help others learn and grow.”

Mr MacDonald, who is also a Physical Education teacher in our secondary school, is using the award to complete his Master’s degree in Education and Sports Leadership, and had this to say: “I am privileged to be working for a company like ISP that places an emphasis on continuous professional development. Since arriving at Park House English School I have felt supported and empowered as a teacher, which has not only improved me as a teacher but as a person as well. Completing my Master’s in Education is really going to support the next steps in my career, and I hope to support my school in delivering even better student outcomes for the foreseeable future”

Our Data Analyst, Nicole Reyes, whose responsibilities include collating and analysing our students’ CAT assessments and examination results said, “I’m grateful to have been granted the opportunity to complete a course through the Federico Olivie Fund. This is my first year as Park House’s data analyst and I’m extremely excited to apply newly learnt skills to support both the academic and administrative teams.”

Abigail Fishbourne, School Improvement Partner at ISP, and one of the selection committee members said: “ISP are a learning organisation and are passionate about continuous improvement and staff development. All staff were encouraged to think about their personal development and apply for this fund. Each of the applicants had identified areas within their schools where, if they developed the knowledge and skills taught on the course, they would be able to implement improvements. This will directly impact the educational experience of students at their school. The successful applicants evidenced how, following the course, they would be able to strengthen the school staff skillset and positively impact the academic, social and emotional, or operational aspects of school performance. In addition to this, the successful applicants demonstrated a commitment to the school and its pupils by performing well in their current roles and going above and beyond in previous years.”

Bharat Mansukhani, CEO, ISP Middle East and Europe explained the thinking behind the Fund. “In an era where dynamic change is taking place at a technological, economic, and social level, educational establishments have undergone a transformational shift through the implementation of new methods, tools, and technology prevalent in an age of virtual classrooms and courses. Academic and administrative staff who upskill themselves are better able to support their schools in the future, thereby delivering a more meaningful and rewarding form of education to the students,” he shared. 

“The Federico Olivie Fund recognises these qualities and supports our employees in being active changemakers in their schools. We congratulate this year’s Fund recipients. Their commitment is noteworthy, and they exemplify the principles and spirit that ISP stands for. We look forward to celebrating their future successes and witnessing the changes they bring forward in their respective schools,” Mansukhani said.

The Federico Olivie Fund was created in memory of a friend and colleague of ISP, who passed away in 2015. Federico was involved in the private education sector and made a significant contribution to ISP in the organisation’s early days. Applications are open annually to all teaching and non-teaching Middle East employees of ISP.


The recipients of The Federico Olivie Fund for the 2021 -2022 academic year are:

Alison Grice-Glover, a PE Teacher from Aspen Heights British School

Ichraf Belhould, a PE Teacher from Aspen Heights British School,

Yasmin Baldoza, a Year 5 Teacher from Aspen Heights British School

Nicole Reyes, a Data Analyst from Park House English School

Michael MacDonald, Head of Year 7 and a PE Teacher from Park House English School

Jaime Legg, a Key Stage 4 Leader and Science Teacher from Park House English School

Althea Edmondson, Head of Primary, Nibras International School