This year’s Park House International Day was the school’s biggest celebration of internationalism and intercultural awareness to date. International Day celebrates the wide cultural diversity of Park House English School and our pupil’s role as global citizens. The day broadens pupil’s horizons and affords opportunities for them to learn more about their contemporaries’ cultures, food and languages while forming a greater understanding of their place in the broader community.

Students and staff are encouraged to come to school in traditional dress. Pupils made models of various countries key cultural landmarks and displayed some of the cuisine and traditions associated with the country. Parents enjoyed a parade of all primary year groups in their adopted country colours from the play area to the school sports field. The centre-piece of the day was held in the school’s play area where an array of beautifully decorated stalls were erected to celebrate each countries culture and cuisine. This year the secondary school participated in the international day with KS3 singing on the school pitch. Thank you to parents, teachers and the facilities staff for all their help in making the international day so memorable. You can view further pictures of the day on our Facebook page.

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