The annual THIMUN Qatar conferences are greatly anticipated by Model United Nations (MUN) clubs across Qatar, and our PHESMUN team were once again proud participants this year.

Our Park House MUN Director, Miss Jade Julies, provided the following report.

Our Model United Nations delegation excelled at the highly esteemed THIMUN conference held earlier this year, at the Qatar National Convention Centre in Education City.

Representing the country of Montenegro, the PHESMUN delegation engaged in thoughtful deliberations and discussions, tackling global issues through the lens of the assigned nation.  Throughout the three days of intense debates, Park House students focussed on current world topics, emphasising the connection to Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) – Quality Education. This approach allowed our delegates to contribute meaningfully to discussions aimed at finding comprehensive and sustainable solutions to global challenges.

Hamda A served as one of the deputy executives at the conference. She not only participated in a panel discussion alongside UN ambassadors to Qatar but also took the lead in the discussion on migration.  During the closing ceremony, she delivered the committee reports to an audience of 800 people.

Joy K, the Head of Press, and co-Secretary General for Park House, showcased exceptional skills as an integral part of the THIMUN press team. Her contributions led to the publication of six articles in the THIMUN’s Qmunity Voice newspaper, further amplifying our school’s presence and impact on the international stage. Please see the accompanying images for one of her published articles.

Tanisha S, co-secretary General at Park House, demonstrated exemplary leadership by heading the General Assembly 3 conference. Under her guidance, the team navigated through debates and discussions, resulting in the successful approval of 6 resolutions.

The THIMUN conference provided a platform for students to engage in face-to-face discussions, fostering a deeper understanding of global issues and diplomatic processes.  Park House English School takes pride in its students’ accomplishments, recognising their dedication to diplomacy, critical thinking, and the pursuit of global solutions. The MUN programme at Park House continues to inspire and empower students to become active participants in shaping a better, more interconnected world.

The THIMUN Montenegro delegation consisted of 8 amazing students, namely

  1. Binaisha B
  2. Lamar B
  3. Ameerah S
  4. Yuktha P
  5. Adam T
  6. Aisha Al M
  7. Alina H
  8. Sharvi A