Park House English School’s Model United Nations (MUN) team participated in the highly acclaimed THIMUN Conference 2023. This international MUN conference was attended by several schools from around the world, including Greece, France, India, Pakistan, and America.

The MUN team from Park House consisted of 12 highly motivated and driven students who represented the school with pride and excellence. Among them, there were two Chairs and ten Delegates who represented the Argentina and Cameroon Delegations. The conference was centred around Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities and various committees were formed to debate and pass resolutions on this critical issue.

Park House team members displayed outstanding lobbying skills and worked relentlessly in their respective committees to ensure that 95% of their resolutions were passed. This accomplishment speaks volumes about their dedication and commitment to their cause.

One of the highlights of the conference was when Yasmin M., the Chairperson for the Delegation of Argentina, got the opportunity to meet her real-life counterpart: Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina to the State of Qatar, HE Guillermo Nicolas. It was an exceptional moment that provided the students with valuable insights and a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of the professionals.

The conference concluded with a vibrant cultural night where the Park House team got the chance to network and interact with fellow delegates from local and international schools. It was an excellent opportunity for the students to form connections, exchange ideas, and develop a deeper understanding of different cultures.

Participating in MUN conferences is an excellent way for students to develop critical thinking, public speaking, and research skills. The MUN conferences also provide students with opportunities to learn about global issues, interact with students from different countries, and develop leadership and teamwork abilities.

We are incredibly proud of our MUN team and congratulate them on their outstanding performance at the THIMUN Conference 2023, which was held at Qatar Academy Doha in Education City. Their hard work, dedication, and determination have brought pride and honour to the school. We are confident that their achievements will continue to inspire and motivate future MUN teams at Park House.