Year 13 students celebrated the end of Sixth Form with a graduation ceremony in the “Heather Brennan” Auditorium on Saturday 15th June. The graduation is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible achievements of our students, recognising every one of you.

While every student’s story is unique, you all share some important traits, those of commitment, endeavour and character. Upholding the school’s values of excellence in everything we do, respect and a can-do will-do attitude. We have seen them blossoming through their time here, transforming into confident and engaging members of the community. There are inspirational young people. They all have not only succeeded but have excelled in their work and will do as they progress through life.

But the roots of their success are found in the support provided by their families, friends and the incredible teachers in the Sixth Form. While this is the culmination of a great deal of hard work for our students, it is just the beginning of their adventures. We wish them all the success in the world.

Sixth-Form Graduation Photos