Park House staff recognise the responsibility and the privilege of developing and supporting your child to be the best they can be. Our staff care. They work incredibly hard to get to know your child’s strengths and their hopes, dreams and aspirations, enabling them to facilitate a truly personalised education.

Smith John Anthony


Hilton Natasha

Head of Primary

Moyes James

Head of Secondary

Stuart Anna

Deputy Head of Primary

Juszczak Katarzyna

Assistant Head of Primary - Inclusion

Thiesen David

Assistant Head – Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting

Perry Jennifer

Assistant Head - Teaching and Learning

Robson Jarad

Assistant Head – Teaching and Learning

Sharkey Claire

Executive Assistant to the Principal

Mundell Gillian

Finance & Administration Manager

Allen Lyvica

Head of Sixth Form

Team Page

Well-being Advisor

Moyes Siobhan

Head of English

Corrigan Sam

Head of Year 8 & 9/English

Mcaulay John

Head of Mathematics

Shah Kaifa


Robson Rachael

Head of Science

Team Page

KS4 Leader/Science

Mallo NerissaJoy

Lab Technician

Gois Zyryll

Lab Technician

Adekunle James

Head of Business Studies/Economics

Boyle Gerard

Business Studies

Nowell Daniel

Head of Computer Science and ICT

Asim Mohammad

Computer Science/ICT

Bradley Catherine

Head of Geography

Clune Simon

Head of History

Hitar Nazeerah

Head of Sociology

Barclay Triniman Claire

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Caldwell Janet

Secondary Librarian

Rensburg Ronelle Janse

Head of Nursery/Nursery Buttercup

Team Page

Nursery Daisy

Martin Hannah

Head of Year/Reception Yellow

Cotton Hannah

Reception Red

Fabre Renata

Reception Green

Rooney Anna

Reception Blue

Corrigan Katherine

Head of Year/Year 1P

Ashcroft Jay

Head of Year/Year 2S

Axon Sara

Head of Year/Teacher 3P

Mayer Lauren

Head of Year/Year 4E

Grant Owen

Head of Year/Year 5P

Clark Danielle

Head of Year/Teacher 6 S

Devis Lesche

Primary Librarian

Al Abbasi Asma

Head of Arabic

Ofosu Ethel

IT/Qatar History

Thiesen Pamela

Head of Secondary P.E

Team Page

Head of Primary P.E.

Mcdonald Michael

Head of Year 7/Secondary P.E.

Mayhew Richard

Secondary P.E.

Uddin Minhaz

Primary P.E.

Ramirez Iveth

Primary P.E.

Berendt Marizelle

Learning Support

Begum Yasmin

Learning Support

Beveridge Karen

Learning Support

Hazin Nivin

Teaching Assistant

Tubello SheenaLozano

Teaching Assistant

Pereira Inojika Wattage

Teaching Assistant

Elnagar Youstina

Teaching Assistant

Shaheen Rehab

Teaching Assistant

Bawden Natalie

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Pediredla Sahaja

Teaching Assistant

Moulana Aysha

Teaching Assistant

Avari Parizad

Teaching Assistant

Magat Mary-Grace

Teaching Assistant

Enunwa Jennifer

Teaching Assistant

Lambasha Aleksandra

Teaching Assistant

Halasz Eniko

Teaching Assistant

Saeed Remonda

Teaching Assistant

Clifton Sairah

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Tariq Isbah

Teaching Assistant

Sriprasert Yui

Teaching Assistant

Riad Christine

Teaching Assistant

Smith Aom

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Hassan SalmaMakki

Teaching Assistant

Ahmed TayyebaImtiaz

Teaching Assistant

Tracy Scott

Teaching Assistant

Stunner Lissa

Lead Nurse Practitioner

Parry Tahnee

School Nurse

Team Page

School Nurse

Jacob Jeena

Accounts Receivable

DeCastro Jeany

Accounts Payable

Graham Brooke

Admissions Manager

Dawson Linda

Exams Officer

Gergis Mery

MoEHE Coordinator

Abdelhameed Ashraf

Public Relations Officer

Gregorios Pinky

HR Assistant

Reyes Nicole

Data Analyst

Dick Ana

Lead Administrator

Danvers Leanne

Support Administrator

Team Page


Abdul Khader Shoukkath

IT Administrator

Salim Jaseem

Junior IT Administrator

Alavera Raymond

Junior IT Administrator

Campbell Wendy

Marketing and Communications Officer

Doherty Darren

Facilities Manager

Veerasingam Arjun

Facilities Supervisor

Lewis Barry

Head of Security