Transitioning from primary to secondary school is not always easy. Whether it is moving to a new campus or a new country; it is a journey full of excitement, apprehension and sometimes the fear of the unknown. At Park House, our primary and secondary teams collaborate to make the transition as smooth as possible. A key component of this process is the Year 6 Transition Day.

On this Day we welcomed Year 6 students to the Secondary School for their transition day. The transition day prepares our students for the rigours of secondary school and gives them an insight into the different subjects they will be taught. By supporting students during their Year 6 transition, they will be able to feel more at ease during the school day. This has many benefits, including helping them stay focused in class, feeling more confident, and making new friends.

The Day itself also allows the students to meet some of their new teachers and ask any questions they may have about the process. The students took part in English, Maths and Science lessons, and they were also able to participate in their chosen language choice of French, Spanish or Arabic.

We look forward to formally welcoming students into our Secondary School in August.

Mr Macdonald, Head of Year 7, “The transition to Secondary School can prove to be an anxious time for some students. At Park House English School we recognise this and strive to make that transition a positive experience.  Our Transition Day provides our new students with a fun-filled day, boosting team-building skills and familiarising them with the school and staff.  This day has always been a successful one which is helped by our fantastic relationship with our Primary School – and today was no different!”
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