Twelve of our talented Secondary School students travelled with our amazing music teachers to the COBIS Music Festival 2024, hosted by the British School of Bahrain. Approximately 30 British International schools from South America, Africa, Asia and Europe registered for this prestigious music extravaganza. As a British curriculum school in Doha, we were proud to represent our school and country at the festival.

Our Head of Music, Mrs Gabriela Nuñez, said,” The COBIS Music Festival 2024 provided an extraordinary opportunity for our students, by offering a blend of teamwork and healthy competition. During the event, our students had the chance to listen to over 100 performances and showcase their musical talents while exposed to high standards, discerning criteria, and self-awareness. The festival also fostered an environment of collaboration, allowing our students to forge new friendships across three continents.”

Our standout participant, Lamar B. in Year 12, exemplified unwavering dedication and perseverance in honing her musical and vocal abilities. Her captivating performance, accompanied by Mr Michelena on the guitar, showed excellence of the highest order. Lamar’s remarkable achievement in winning first place in her category, Solo Vocal Contemporary Upper School, was a testament to her exceptional skill and undeniable merit. The competition in her category was extremely tough, but her determination and talent shone through, and she beat the 20 other brilliant singers to win! Her winning performance can be viewed via our YouTube channel. Please see below.

When asked how she felt about winning the category, Lamar said, “Upon reflection, my initial focus on winning consumed my thoughts during the first day of the event, making it difficult for me to fully embrace the experience. However, as time elapsed and I engaged with fellow students and individuals, my perspective shifted, and I began to derive great enjoyment from the festivities. Engaging in casual conversations, sharing snacks, capturing moments through photographs, and rallying support for one another fostered a sense of camaraderie. The leisurely activities I shared with my friends, helped me win the category. I am profoundly grateful to Mrs Nuñez and Mr Michelena, who have provided unwavering guidance and mentorship over the course of five years. Their tutelage has expanded my musical knowledge and deepened my understanding of my own voice, playing an indispensable role in my achievements. Furthermore, my parents have been an invaluable source of support, consistently facilitating opportunities for me to pursue my passion for singing and music. Their unwavering encouragement has been instrumental in my journey, for which I am profoundly appreciative”.

Lamar represented Qatar at Expo 2020 Dubai when singing in the opening ceremony.

We are always proud to celebrate the success of our students and are especially pleased when their hard work and dedication are recognised.  Read more about the success our students have achieved here.